What Kind Of Cases Do Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorneys Handle?

The top criminal sexual conduct attorney represents clients accused and charged with illegal sexual conduct. When and if the person is convicted, the defendants can face severe penalties like imprisonment and hefty fines and be registered as sex offenders. Mounting a defence is critical because a conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Understand what types of cases a criminal sexual conduct attorney deals with.

What Type Of Charges Does A Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer Defend?

The top criminal sexual conduct attorney can take care of various criminal cases, including sexual assault, cyberbullying, human trafficking, rape, etc. The attorneys can analyze the evidence and plan a defence strategy for the accused. That might run inclusive of running a petition, so the charges get dropped. It might even include negotiating a plea deal.


If convicted of rape, an accused can serve imprisonment for up to 5 years. However, if the offender happens to use a weapon or happens to injure the victim physically, the minimum imprisonment days might go up to 15 years as well. The minimum life sentence for a defendant is 30 years if he is accused of raping a minor.

Sexual Assualt

Sexual assault is also a felony and can cover all types of inappropriate touching and penetration. People can expect to serve anything around seven years in imprisonment if they are convicted of sexual assault. At times, the attorneys can come in to negotiate to bring down the rape charges to sexual assault.

Child Molestation

Child molestation includes the lustful touching of a child. Based on the circumstances, child molestation can be defined as a felony. The penalties for child molestation as per the recent ruling of the state have gone up to 7 years from 4 years. However, the offenders might also minimize the time in prison by paying a hefty $10,000 fine.

Internet Sex Crimes

There are countless crimes which can be termed internet sex crimes. The internet sex crimes might include

  • Sending Sexually Explicit Photographs
  • Child Pornography
  • Viewing Pornographic Movies In Public Space

The specific offence will determine the penalties. However, the convicted might also have to serve life imprisonment if accused and proven guilty of an internet sex crime like child pornography.

If you face sex crime charges, you might lose hope. However, remember that being charged and getting convicted are two different things. Get in touch with a sex offender attorney immediately so you can build a defence strategy.