Three Ways to Prepare for Your Initial Divorce Consultation.

Most divorce lawyers offer a free initial consultation during which you can arrange to meet with them in person.

Although most lawyers don’t particularly offer legal advice during the initial divorce consultation in Woodstock, being well-prepared can not only help with a productive first meeting but also demonstrate to the lawyer that you will be a diligent client.

This blog gives you tips to prepare for your initial divorce consultation in Woodstock. 

1 – Create an income and expense declaration

The Declaration of Disclosure contains the Income and Expense Declaration. The IED must include current pay stubs from the person filling out the form and the party’s income and spending.

2 – Prepare your schedule of assets and debts 

One of the most vital records in any divorce case is the Schedule of Assets and Debts. The Schedule of Assets and Debts, as its name suggests, provides a list of all the assets, debts, and supporting records related to separate and common property.

Each party must fill out this form for the court to enact dissolution of the marriage in any divorce case. Starting now will give you plenty of time to finish this paper, which will be very useful for the lawyer during your initial session.

3 – Prepare a list of questions you want to ask the divorce attorney

You should be aware of the crucial questions to put forth during your initial divorce consultation in Woodstock in order to assess whether the divorce lawyer is the best choice for you and your circumstances.

To make the most of your time with the lawyer and obtain the required information, prepare a list of questions in advance.

Wrapping up

Make sure you keep an open mind when you attend your divorce consultation in Woodstock. You might not get everything you wanted out of the divorce, but you might. Make sure to pay attention to your lawyer’s professional guidance instead. If you need the services of expert divorce lawyers, please connect with The Law Offices of Lee & Wombacher, LLC.