A criminal defense attorney (as the name implies) handles all criminal cases from petty theft to more serious crimes. There is need for an accused person or a suspect to go for a competent and exceptional attorney that knows the rigorous process of getting a favorable judgment for their clients.

Consider the following when trying to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Knoxville TN, it is the first step to getting a won case.

Knowledge of the law:

When hiring, always look for an attorney with full knowledge of state laws as well as local laws. Hiring one with such knowledge will save lots of stress and create room for reduced sentences, if not freedom entirely. An attorney with such capability can easily work the law in favor of their client.


This is a factor people tend to overlook most times while it is a determining factor. Criminal defense attorneys are not so cheap, and the best are very expensive. Considering the size of your budget is always important to avoid falling out with the attorney along the process. It is also important to look out for fees that won’t cut very deep into savings to avoid bankruptcy.


Always pay attention as well as ask questions about the reputation of a criminal defense attorney. Those with a long history of successful cases are usually the best as they will always do whatever it takes to win as long as it is within the law. People of such reputation almost never settle except when they see no way out.


Go for the ones recommended by people, this is usually because they have witnessed them in action or have had someone with some knowledge of them. You can easily contact an attorney to ask for the best criminal defense attorney in Knoxville within your rate of budget.

Hire a law firm:

This solely depends on how deep your pockets are or having a relation who works at a place like this. Hiring a firm gives you a better chance of winning as not only the attorney will be working on your case, paralegals will also assist in necessary research that will put you ahead. If you cannot afford this, go for an enthusiastic attorney who is known for their high rate of winning and who is willing to guide you and put you through the proceedings.

The most important of them all is a certified criminal attorney, not one who dips their toes in once in a while but one who is deep in criminal law practice with lots of experience. Getting yourself such an attorney will be the best thing and first step in setting yourself free from a criminal case. Good criminal defense attorneys always know all the workings, the best methods of defense and a full understanding of the law and how to make them favor their client.