Factors to Consider When You Need A Freehold Lawyer In New Jersey

When you need the service of a lawyer, there are lots of things to consider. Most of these factors are important and needed to be carefully considered. To help you choose a Freehold lawyer in New Jersey, let’s check out the factors you must consider.


Each state has different laws. Therefore, it is essential to hire the service of a lawyer who is familiar with the legal requirements of such an area. For any lawyer to practice law in New Jersey, the person must be certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Certification is the first requirement for any lawyer in the area.

Law firms in New Jersey always employ lawyers that are qualified and certified. It boosts the image of their law firms. There are lots of certified and competent Freehold lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall.


You cannot disregard experience because it is the best teacher. So, you must hire an experienced Freehold lawyer if you want to win a case in the area. You need a lawyer who has handled similar cases in the past. An experienced lawyer can add valuable input to your case.

You can run a background check on Freehold lawyers if you want to know the most experienced among them. You can set meetings with them to interview them before you give your case to anyone. Ask questions to gain insights about the lawyer, from your discussion, you can easily know if he has the required experience or not.

Cost and billing

The cost is one of the major factors that you must consider before hiring a Freehold lawyer. You need to estimate how much you are ready to spend on the service of a lawyer. Then, you can inquire about the price range of Freehold lawyers close to you. You can discuss that during your interview sessions with them.

There are different packages, so you must clarify everything. Some lawyers’ fees include travel expenses, filing charges, etc. while some lawyers’ fees do not include those expenses. If you are not comfortable with the cost, you can search for another Freehold lawyer whose billing suits your budget. Ensure you confirm the cost in a written agreement before the lawyer starts working on your case.

Area of specialization

Law is a large field so every lawyer has his area of specialization. You do not need a criminal Freehold lawyer for a business deal or divorce.

There are business lawyers, criminal lawyers, civil rights lawyers, employment lawyers, etc. You need to pick a lawyer that specializes in the specific area you need help with.


Another factor is the availability of the lawyer. You need a lawyer that will dedicate his or her time to your case. One of the reasons that determine the availability of a lawyer is interest. If a Freehold lawyer has an interest in your case, the lawyer will be ready to work very well on the case.

In a nutshell, ensure you carefully consider the factors listed before you pick a lawyer if you need the service of a Freehold lawyer.