What are the essential qualities of a good lawyer?

A lawyer has to be highly qualified and should have the capabilities of using his own analytics and imagination power to decide on a case. A lawyer needs to have certain skills in order to be a successful lawyer. Before you choose a lawyer for your criminal/civil case, it is very important to know his qualities as a lawyer.

Qualities of a good lawyer

  • Listening skills– This is one of the most important qualities that a lawyer should have. He should be a good listener and should allow the clients to narrate their case. If the case is strong, then he needs to think from different perspectives and angles.
  • Should have analytical skills– A good lawyer should always be able to read the case and use his analyzing power to give suggestions on the same. He should have good knowledge on the all the penal codes to understand the gravity of the case. The attorney needs to collect the information, understand it and present it in front of the judge in an organized manner. He should be able to respond back to all the queries during the trial.
  • Research and skills of investigation– Finding valid information on the law books and internet will not help to investigate a case. This is where investigation and research steps into the picture. The opinion of the lawyer should be supported by good facts or else it doesn’t stand up in the court of law. An expert lawyer should be in touch with good investigators and must have good judicial decisions to support the case.
  • Responsiveness of the lawyer– A lawyer should always cooperate and give good response to anyone who is related with the case. Not giving proper replies or unavailability of the lawyer is absolutely an unprofessional attitude. This can also turn to be a failed case if proper communication is not maintained.

These are some of the essential qualities of a good lawyer. Without these qualities, the case may not be in your favor!