Understanding The Role Of A Tax Attorney

An IRS tax attorney Los Angeles is a professional who can help you deal with the IRS. They have a firm grasp of the legal interpretations of the law and can assist you with federal and state tax matters.

Los Angeles is a wealthy city with strong ties to the international economy, making it more likely for residents to have foreign disclosure and reporting obligations. A tax lawyer can help with everything from navigating an audit to arranging tax relief solutions.


The IRS conducts audits to verify the accuracy of tax returns and transactions. A business selected for an audit may be required to provide documentation related to accounting procedures, policies, financial records, management structure, compliance activities, and more.

It is vital to have a dual-licensed IRS tax attorney Los Angeles to assist with these audits. The lawyer can help prepare and review all the documents, correspondence, and meetings with the IRS or state. They can also defend against civil or criminal tax penalties that could arise from errors during filing.

If a taxpayer cannot correct mistakes made during the audit, the IRS or state can levy bank accounts, personal assets, and other financial instruments. An experienced IRS tax attorney Los Angeles can help prevent or stop a bank levy by filing an appropriate appeal or petition for the release of the levy with the relevant agency. Additionally, they can assist with submitting applications for the streamlined disclosure program to reduce any tax debts incurred.


A tax attorney in Los Angeles can help clients with collection issues at the state and federal levels. These issues can include liens against property and assets, levies to seize cash or wages, and garnishments of salaries.

If the IRS determines that a taxpayer’s actions were willful, the matter may be referred to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution. A tax lawyer can protect clients from criminal prosecution by reviewing the taxpayer’s actions and the IRS agents involved.

When resolving tax problems, you need firm advocacy, a good relationship with the IRS agent assigned to your case, and an achievable solution. A skilled tax attorney can provide all of these things. The best way to determine if you can benefit from a tax lawyer is to contact Hillhurst Tax Group for a free consultation. Our team of lawyers specializes in IRS tax controversy, including audits, collections, and the streamlined disclosure program.

International Reporting

Several taxpayers have international reporting issues. These include individuals who have overseas bank accounts and assets. These individuals are subject to FBAR and FATCA regulations that require disclosing their foreign financial interests and investments. The IRS can impose heavy fines and penalties if these are not reported.

It is vital to have an IRS tax attorney Los Angeles specializing in international tax law and compliance before deciding how to handle an offshore disclosure or other international tax matter. A CPA or other financial professional cannot provide this level of protection from a criminal investigation by the IRS. Moreover, these professionals can be subpoenaed and forced to relay conversations that might violate attorney-client confidentiality.

Residents of Los Angeles are obligated to fulfill their federal and California state income tax obligations. Failure to comply can result in a deficiency notice, tax audit, or criminal tax prosecution at the federal or state level.

Voluntary Disclosure

For those who owe back taxes, voluntary disclosure is an option. The Department of Revenue’s voluntary disclosure program offers limited look-back periods and waivers of penalties if the taxpayer meets specific criteria. This includes having no open tax audits or investigations, no contact from the Department for registration or filing requirements during the disclosed period, and if a business has collected sales tax but not remitted it, having never received a Delinquency Notice concerning those uncollected taxes.

Taking proactive steps to comply with tax laws is the best way to prevent the IRS or a state agency from imposing civil and criminal tax fraud penalties. A Los Angeles dual-licensed tax attorney can support you in meeting these compliance obligations. By establishing firm advocacy, a good relationship with the agent assigned to your case, and an achievable solution, your tax attorney can help you resolve any issues. This is an essential role for anyone facing a serious tax matter.