Some general information about Nan Inc. and its Owner Patrick Shin

Nan Inc., founded by Patrick Nan Shin, is a major player in the Hawaiian construction industry. His firm, which has been in operation since 1990 (almost 32 years ago!), is headquartered in Honolulu.

He always envisioned himself as a successful businessman and what was once a pipe dream quickly materialized. In the year 2020, his Hawaii construction firm has grown to employ between 350 to 500 employees. He’s making a significant difference in the lives of many Hawaiians.

Patrick Shin has South Korean ancestry (his real Korean name is actually Nan Chul Shin). When he relocated to Hawaii, he decided to adopt a new name. So now he wants to contribute to Hawaii’s bright future. What began as a child’s daydream eventually materialized into adulthood.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing, of course. Patrick began his building career by taking on very little tasks, but he always gave 110{e9baca0abd97c2538dbe9de1f93090c2a827ecce4d11c6c705b0f565f93b6d62}. His enterprise expanded every year. At first, there were no workers on staff. Besides himself, there was just one other employee there.


Construction professionals are familiar with the name Nan Inc. They have secured lucrative contracts with the government for millions of dollars. However, like many other businesses, they had humble beginnings. The placement of a road sign was the company’s first paid construction project.

Small victories like this one gave Patrick Shin the confidence and enthusiasm he needed to tackle more ambitious endeavors. His building business flourished as a result of his dogged determination.

When it comes to locally owned and run construction companies in Hawaii, Nan Inc. is now the largest. Now that we’ve gone so far, even the most difficult initiatives are within our capabilities.

Preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build are Patrick Shin’s company’s bread and butter.

We at Generations Hawaii thought Patrick Shin was fascinating, so we wrote a piece on him.


COVID-19 was an important problem for most organizations in the United States. Quite a few households and companies suffered significant financial losses. Patrick Shin could have assisted, since he had the resources to do so. As Patrick Shin puts it, “giving back to the community is a nice feeling,” and he enjoys making contributions to the Hawaiian community.

Without a doubt, he has carried out a great deal more acts of kindness. Nan Chul Shin is a yearly fixture at the South Korean festival on the island of Hawaii, where he has also given to a school in the Philippines and other local sports groups.

Other activities

Besides creating one of Hawaii’s largest construction enterprises, Patrick is a master event planner. Every year, he lends a hand at the Korean Festival. Although he has a full schedule, he still finds time for his interests and pastimes. He finds great joy in outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, and visiting the beach. Meeting and talking with the native Hawaiians is one of his favorite things to do. That’s why we focused on the younger generation in Hawaii for this piece. He’s been quite generous with his time and resources to the neighborhood. Read more about Nan Inc Lawsuit here.