Overview Of Crimes Involving Criminal Sexual Conduct

Numerous types of crimes occur daily. But the most heinous and worst kinds of crimes are the criminal sexual cases where the victim is either dead or just surviving. But before moving forward into more details, it is essential to understand the actual meaning of criminal sexual conduct.

As a general term, it encompasses crimes such as rape, sexual contact with minors inappropriately, and forceful sex with naive adults. Usually, criminal sexual conduct cases have multiple levels of CSC (criminal sexual conduct), out of which criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree is the most severe offense.

Which Are The Degrees Of Csc?

All the accused or guilty criminals of CSC are liable to possess to be in prison or jail for the level of crime committed. Also, they are registered as sex offenders in the books of law for the rest of their lives. Here, a criminal defense lawyer can help the accused or victim to save them. They provide their services after the person is arrested or questioned about the crime.

The release or freedom of the accused person depends on the lawyer’s skill and the degree of CSC. The various parameters that are considered as CSC first degree are as follows.

  • The sexual act that involves forceful or involves a threat of violence
  • A mentally impaired or physically helpless person is being sexually forced to be involved in sexual activities.
  • A minor under the age of 13 is being threatened or sexually contacted.

Depending on the circumstances, the accused can receive a sentence of up to 30 years in prison.

Second Degree CSC

It is similar to first-degree CSC, which involves sexual penetration in the act. It is common for the accused to be charged with both the first and second degrees.

Third Degree CSC

It is also known as the statutory rape offense with a minor individual. Still, here the defendant will also be a minor or can be an adult close to the age of a minor. Sexual exploitation by authority figures such as therapists, clergy, police officers, or detention center employees is also considered at the same level. It is possible to sentence these criminal activities to 15 years in prison.

Hence, criminal sexual conduct must be handled with care as these cases are sensitive issues and can turn out to be offensive or misleading to the opposite party.