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Giving Legal access to the Latino Community

With Lista Legal with are growing the degree of access to the Law for the Latino people group, facilitating our main goal to give modern legitimate data, and a fast and bother free approach to appreciate questions and answers straightforwardly from their cell phone.

“Lista Legal democratizes access to lawful answers and assets for the latino network paying little heed to their movement status or buy control.”- said Lista Legal’s CEO and fellow benefactor Alex Uria. “Clients will currently have moment access to the most developed lawful help and arrangements in Spanish. Lista Legal is giving everybody with a cell phone access to the legitimate framework.

Situated in San Diego, CA, Lista Legal is a web application made by latino business visionaries who migrants and have experienced the hardships of the legitimate framework direct. Lista Legal enables clients to concentrate on getting arrangements, getting to Law news, lawyers, questions and replies to their legitimate inquiries without chipping out each penny.

Lista Legal conveys Legal assistance in Spanish through:

Lawyers and non-lawyers who can rapidly observe and react to lawful inquiries,

Answers are decided on and remarked with the goal that it gives a wide or explicit comprehension to the legitimate issue,

Quest for lawyers who are appraised and have experience working with Latinos,

Direct-to-purchaser, on-request answers to legitimate issues all without booking a discussion, jump on the telephone and for nothing.

Lista Legal is drastically improving the entrance to legitimate administrations for the latino network and is perceived as idea pioneer and advancing in the ancient and costly lawful framework.

What is Lista Legal?

Lista Legal is a lawyer registry that was brought into the world with assembling a rundown of lawyers in all unique lawful regions. These legal counselors are experienced and show energy and inspiration to assist the latino network with their lawful needs. It is anything but a necessity for the lawyers to communicate in Spanish however since the greater part of them have numerous long periods of experience working with latinos it’s not amazing that a significant number of the lawyers in Lista Legal are hispanic, communicate in Spanish or have somebody in their law practice who communicates in Spanish.

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We make it simple for latinos to get together with a lawyer they can trust!