Injury Law

Getting help from Erb’s Palsy Birth Injury Lawyer

Erb’s palsy is an injury that happens at birth due to medical negligence. The injury takes place in the neck of the infant that affects the nerves until the arm. This means that the infant may have damaged nerves that are permanent. This injury severely affects the function of an infant’s arm and also lessens the feeling in the area.

How To Find Out If Your Child Is Affected?

Infants cannot express themselves and hence, they are not able to tell you where it is hurting. Infants who have Erb’s palsy will have restricted movement, or the movement lessens of the injured arm. Usually, the arm is awkwardly turned inwards, i.e. towards the body. The injury is very painful, and the infant can cry even with a small movement or touch.

Can You Take Any Action?

Yes, since it is medical negligence, you have the full right as parents to file a lawsuit against the doctor and the hospital. Erb’s palsy birth injury lawyer will guide you in the procedure that follows in the lawsuit. You must get your lawyer involved at a very early stage as these cases are lengthy and go on for years before the verdict is given. However, you must be very sure that your baby has been injured due to medical negligence. Based onall the reports and proofs, your lawyer will file a case on your behalf.

Hiring A Lawyer Specializing In Medical Malpractice

You must hire a lawyer who is experienced and has represented Erb’s palsy birth injury cases. Do some research on the lawyers around you. You should also make sure that you are comfortable with the lawyer so that you provide him or her details. Ensure that you also check on the time and money that will be spent to handle the case. However, since these cases are lengthy, the lawyers usually do not take their fees until the case is closed.

What Compensation Will You Get?

Getting justice is important, but getting a good compensation in monetary terms will help in meeting the expenses that will incur in your child’s treatment. The compensation amount depends on the many things such as the amount of damage, proof against the medical practitioner, the kind of injury that has taken place, the duration of the treatment, etc.

Your lawyer will ensure that you get maximum compensation so that you can give provide good care and treatment to your baby.