Essential Information To Know About Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree

In Michigan, the most severe sex offense you may be charged with is 1st degree of sexual activity (criminal). The 1st-degree of criminal sexual conduct includes acts that most people would associate with children, rape or child molestation & sexual assault, generally involving a person with a physical or mental disability. It also includes the offense more popularly famous as sexual assault.

1st Degree Criminal Sexual Generally Conduct: What Is It?

Criminal sexual conduct 1st degree is defined in various ways and does not apply to a particular form of behavior. If you are suspected of the following, you could also be charged with criminal sexual conduct first-degree.

The kid between the ages of 13 & 16 who is part of the household is generally connected to you, or whom you have influence over, and who can also be coerced into sexual activity or sexual assault on a young person under the age of 13. When you use force or coercion to sexually penetrate a victim who is physically or mentally incapable of consenting, you are breaking the law.

A Michigan Défense Attorney With Experience Is Essential To The Freedom

For first-degree (criminal) sexual activity, you require skillful defense attorneys to escape life in prison without competent legal counsel. Our knowledgeable defense lawyers will attain the best outcome for your case involving criminal sexual conduct. First-degree accusations of sexual behavior (illegal) are grave and require sex crime defense specialists to handle.

Charges of criminal sexual conduct 1st-degree behavior can result in life-altering punishment. The best attorneys can assist you in getting the best outcome in your case if you have been charged with this CSC or 1st-degree sexual assault in Michigan.

Primary Approach To This Sexual Conduct Charges

First-degree CSC cases are complicated and require a skilled sex crime defense team’s undivided attention. The attorneys will cooperate to guarantee that your case receives the full attention needed to yield the desired outcome.


Your criminal sexual activity or conduct charges can be creatively and successfully fought using resources learned from defending thousands of criminal defense cases. The best-talented attorneys will utilize every tool to produce an exceptional result. Make sure you hire the right attorney at the right time, as it will help strengthen your case. This will also increase the chances of winning eventually.