The #1 Guide for Certified Translation Services

Where can I get certified translation services?

NLC Translations is a one stop shop for all of your certified translation needs. Your needs may involve, legal matters, immigration, USCIS, travel, enrollment in school, financial loans, or other business matters. Our team of accredited translators are ready to help as we have decades of experience in all of these subject matters. We know what it takes to deliver an accurate translation and we also provide you with the necessary documentation to have for your end-use. We pride ourselves in delivering impeccable customer service through accuracy, speed, and value.

What is a certified translation and how does it compare to a notarized translation?

A certified translation contains a statement attesting to the accuracy of the translation and the ability of the translator to complete the work. In addition, it includes their name, signature, and contact information in which all together supports the certification. This is usually sufficient for most requirements of governmental offices and institutes. A notarization includes a signature, statement attesting to the accuracy of the translation, and a notary stamp. This is usually needed, when the translations need a little more to be valid in where they are being used such as in certain court proceedings. We offer both certified and notarized translation services for all of your document needs. As we do a lot of work for clients use for USCIS, they normally require only a certified translation. Our translations are guaranteed to be approved by USCIS.

What do you charge for certified translation services?

Our certification letter itself comes at no extra charge. What we charge for is the translation of your document. This varies per language, type of document, and other factors specifically unique to your document. On average our rates start at $25.00 per page. One of our most popular requests is Spanish certified translation services. If you have a large number of documents, or a document that contains a lot of text, we do offer volume discounts. Are you a corporate client that handles frequent translation services requests that need to be certified? Let’s talk and see how we can provide you with any special discounts. For on-going work with heavy volume, we establish dedicated teams to manage and translate all of that specific client’s request. This ensures accuracy and clients love the competitive price they receive for quality work.

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