Family Lawyers: Helping Family Resolve Family Matters Under the Protection of Family Law Act in Australia

Families in North Sydney experiencing family disputes have the best opportunities of finding help through a family lawyer with expertise in Family Law. Family lawyers in North Sydney are well-informed with Australia’s Family Law and can offer help in resolving family matters resulting from divorce, property settlement and children custody and parenting rights.


Divorce is one of the painful things that could happen in a family. The breakdown of a family may result to anger, anxiety, depression and even panic attacks among family members especially the children. Spouses may go through painful acceptance of the family breakdown and hostility between them may arise. Family lawyers in North Sydney are capable of helping spouses have amicable and peaceful separation and let each other protect and exercise their rights over children custody and support and property settlement. Family lawyers with experience in handling divorce cases can easily help spouses to move forward after the separation and help in managing and negotiating agreements between spouses. All agreements are ensured to be legally bonded and in accordance with existing provisions in the Family Law of Australia. Using divorce lawyers in North Sydney prevents family conflicts and the torments of divorce and its impacts among members through the exercise of provisions of The Family Law of Australia.

Children support and custody

Under Family Law, both parents have equal parental responsibilities on children under 18 years old. However where there are some issues, disputing couples can seek legal advice from Family lawyers with focused on parental right during divorce. Family lawyers may seek “sole parenting right or sole custody in courts and it is deemed as to the best interest of the child or children. It s the family lawyer’s responsibility to have the court believe there is “family violence” or it is for the best interest of the child. A sole parental order gives one parent the right of full decision-making over the child. However the order should be based on sufficient evidence of any armful conduct or irresponsibleness by one spouse. A family lawyer with expertise on children custody can also help aggrieved spouse in seeking court order’s rebuttal or refusal and recognition of petition for such order

Family matters should not end in legal disputes as the family can resolve it among themselves. However when things get worse and one party is deemed to have been abused or rights have been violated, family lawyers in North Sydney are capable of helping such family protect and exercise their right under the protection of Family Law Act in Australia.

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