Family Law

Considerations about stable union in Brazil

Is it possible for same-sex marriage or stable union? Yes. Although not provided for in the Federal Constitution and the Civil Code, civil marriage and the stable union between persons of the same sex are supported by decisions of the Federal Superior Court (STF) and in a resolution of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) […]


Family Lawyers In Gold Coast For Better Judicial Results

No matter whatever field of work and whatever circumstances you are living in the society, the occurrence of relationship problems are very normal and in some cases, they are in abundant. When you are suffering from such issues like prenuptial understandings, abusive behaviour at home, separate, youngster care, kid support, financial support, distribution and possessions […]


6 Things to Expect When Filing a Divorce Lawsuit

It is always helpful to know the procedure of divorce before you proceed on filing it. You want to know as much information as possible, for example, the rules in filing the lawsuit, and what you can expect to receive from the divorce. Often, divorce causes disagreement between the couples. Each tries to fight for […]


Contested Divorce in India

Contested Divorce is a kind of divorce wherein only one party is seeking divorce and the other is not agreeable for it. However, in a contested divorce, the reasons for separation are not any party’s personal reasons or choices, the reason is to be attributable to the spouse of the party seeking divorce, i.e. his/her […]